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War of Gog and Magog: Is it really possible in the near future?

DISCLAIMER: I’m not a prophet and claim no prophetic or revelatory gifts beyond those available to millions of other Christians. I am a follower of Christ, an absolute believer in biblical prophecy, and in this blog I will share my interpretation of prophetic passages from the Holy Bible, along with my thoughts on how current world events join what I call The Prophetic Nexus, a strengthening convergence and intersection of world events and biblical prophecy. I will sometimes mention the interpretations of other prophecy watchers. If anyone disagrees with my interpretations, feel free to say so in a comment. As long as you do so in a respectful and Christian spirit, I enthusiastically encourage alternate views. Most of all, I encourage every reader to personally dig into the Bible!

Ezekiel 38 & 39, the biblical source for the prophecies of instant interest, clearly predict a coming war, a war that has come to be known in prophetic circles as the War of Gog and Magog. (For efficiency’s sake, I will sometimes abbreviate this war as “WOGAM.” Also note that the text of these two chapters from Ezekiel will remain permanently available for reference in the right sidebar.) The capsule version of WOGAM is this:  A Russian leader (Gog) will lead Russia (Magog) and a coalition of other nations in a mammoth invasion of the tiny nation of Israel. Russia and Iran are certain participants, and many scholars also believe some or all of these nations will take part in the invasion:  Syria, Sudan, Somalia, Libya, Turkey, and possibly other Arab states.

Opinions on the likely timing of WOGAM run the gamut among prophecy experts, from those who think it could be just around the corner, to those who believe WOGAM and the battle of Armageddon are one and the same. I believe the strongest biblical case can be made for WOGAM occurring just prior to the Tribulation.

Given the diminutive landscape of Israel–the entire nation is about the size of Rhode Island–this invasion will look like the end of the line for the Jewish state. The many Israel haters around the world will be in celebratory mode as they await the certain destruction of the Zionists’ homeland. I can easily envision talking heads on news channels 24/7, covering the unstoppable juggernaut as it bears down on Israel. They will wow us with slick graphics and charts and analyses of every kind as they explain the absolute impossibility of an Israeli victory. Boosting the case for victory by the invaders will be the fact that, by my interpretation, Israel will stand completely alone, without one single country coming to her aid.

Things are often not what they seem, and I believe this affair will be the most astounding example of that fact ever witnessed by the modern world. No countries will come to Israel’s aid, but it won’t matter and the invaders won’t stand a chance, because the Bible says that God Himself will intervene directly and crush the invading force. We’re talking an 85% death rate for the aggressors, resulting in so many casualties that it will take Israel seven months to bury the dead. Professional crews of gravediggers will work these seven months across the country, burying the Israel haters who met their fate when they foolishly came against God’s chosen people. Weapons left behind will be seized by Israel and “burned for fuel,” meeting the entire nation’s fuel needs for seven years.

It will be very interesting to see how the mainstream media react when it is blatantly obvious that God made what I think is His first direct military intervention since the days of Moses. It will be frustrating to watch as so many pundits try to spin absurd theories about what happened, and we may rest assured those pundits will be out on the airwaves in force. But it will also be an exciting time that I believe will offer an unparalleled opportunity for bringing lost souls into the Kingdom.

Now we come to the central question for this post:  Is WOGAM possible in the near future? Well, let’s take a look at some common-sense preconditions that need to be in place in order for WOGAM to be immediately feasible:

  • Realistic chance of military alliance between Russia, Iran, and other enemies of Israel
  • Realistic reason (excuse) for such a coalition to make a military move against Israel
  • Realistic scenario in which Israel would be left without defensive allies

With the conditions established, let’s analyze the likelihood that each of these conditions could be met in the near future:

  • Military alliance:  Russia has been supplying military aid, including assistance in the development of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), to Israel’s enemies for years. In fact, Russia is without a doubt the largest enabling factor in Iran’s current drive to acquire nuclear weapons. CONDITION SATISFIED.
  • Pretense of justification for attack:  Israel is currently in a critical situation regarding Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. I will go into more detail in later posts, but suffice to say that Israel positively cannot allow Ahmadinejad’s finger on a working nuclear button. No one else in the world appears to grasp the fact that Israel literally faces an existential threat, but Israel has a clear understanding of this fact. Bottom line? Israel has no choice but to launch a pre-emptive strike to destroy Iran’s nuclear facilities. Despite such a move being a cut-and-dry case of self defense, the world will declare outrage against Israel’s “aggression,” providing the perfect cover for the Magog Alliance to attack Israel. CONDITION FEASIBLE.
  • Israel standing alone:  Anti-Semitic hatred is growing by leaps and bounds in Europe in particular and the world in general. Russia has a long history of disdain for and abuse of the Jewish people. The media bias against Israel and sympathy for her terrorist enemies becomes more sickeningly evident all the time. Key data point: For the first time since her national rebirth on May 14, 1948, it is completely believable–even likely–that the United States would not defend Israel in her hour of need. As an American, I of course find such a notion troubling. God blesses those who bless her and curses those who curse her. Reality is, however, that we now have a president who is not a friend of Israel, and I do not believe Mr. Obama would honor the United States’ long tradition of supporting her. An even more frightening possibility is that when WOGAM happens, the United States is unable to respond. In any event, I believe that the USA will not be standing with Israel when the multitudes are bearing down on her. CONDITION FEASIBLE.

In light of the above analysis, I believe that the answer, for the first time ever, is a resounding “YES, the War of Gog and Magog is now immediately feasible.” Will it happen that way? I don’t know, but it certainly could, and no stretch of the imagination is required.

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