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Turkey & Iran: Shocking Development, or Expected Event?

Excepting Israel, Turkey has for decades been considered one of the most pro-Western countries in the Middle East. Already a member of NATO, this country that was the seat of the former Ottoman Empire had been pushing for several years to be accepted as a full member of the European Union. Those who have visited Turkey in the current era know that, aside from the ever-present signs of an Islamic culture, it is quite westernized. Istanbul, for example, has regions that are very modern by Western standards. You don’t have to look hard to find American and European influence; it’s everywhere. With all this in mind, there is quite a bit of shock being manifested over Turkey’s unexpected embrace of Iran in general and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in particular. In a dramatic departure from its history of cooperation with Israel, Turkey has recently dialed up a hefty degree of anti-Israeli rhetoric that makes them blend seamlessly into the hate-filled landscape of the Middle East.

Should we be shocked? No! Most scholars agree that Turkey is the modern-day country of Gomer referred to in the Bible. Specifically, Turkey is one of the countries listed in the Bible as part of the huge force prophesied (in Ezekiel 38) to attack Israel in the War of Gog and Magog. This development makes crystal clear the fact that what God has said will happen, will happen, no matter how unlikely, or even impossible, something may look from the human perspective. Literally as little as a few days ago, it was difficult for many to envision Gomer/Turkey being a part of such an invasion, but not now.

Another huge piece of the endtimes puzzle has just clicked into place with a solid THUNK, my friends.

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