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U.S. Refuses Visas to All Israeli Nuclear Scientists

The JoshuaPundit blog, citing Israeli (Hebrew-only) news source NRG/Maariv, reports that visa applications from Israeli nuclear scientists who work at the Dimona nuclear facility are being summarily rejected. This is a huge reversal, since these visas have been routinely granted in the past when the scientists wanted to come to the United States for education and training. The Dimona facility is widely believed to be the place where Israel generates plutonium for her nuclear weapons. The report also states that the Israeli government is stunned by the move.

Unfortunately, I’m not stunned in the least. From the moment it became feasible that Obama could win the presidency, I feared exactly this kind of betrayal of Israel. (On a side note, this news occurs while the Obama administration is stripping references to radical Islam from our national security policy documents. Plainly put, the Obama administration is coddling our enemies while betraying our staunchest ally in the War on Terror.) It is plain that Israel must stand alone with only God to protect her against upcoming prophesied threats, so we continue to see prophecy unfold before our eyes. As exciting as this is in one sense, it’s very frightening in another.

Great turmoil lies ahead, my friends, and the United States is being positioned on the wrong side of the action. The Obama administration grows more brazen by the day in its hatred of Israel, while showing no sense of urgency whatsoever about the Iranian nuclear threat. It is my fervent belief that we are rapidly becoming more and more at risk of cataclysmic judgment from almighty God. He promised in Genesis 12:3 that he would bless those who bless Israel and curse those who curse her, and His promises are ironclad.

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  1. April 16, 2010 at 2:27 pm

    I agree.

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