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Is Something Big Coming?

In the past several days, we’ve seen the following news related to Israel:

  • An urgent terror alert was issued by the government to warn Israelis who were visiting in the Sinai region to come home immediately, due to “concrete” information that a terror cell was planning to kidnap Israeli citizens in that area.
  • It’s been confirmed that Syria is transferring Scud missiles to Hezbollah in Lebanon. These missiles, while notoriously inaccurate, nonetheless have the range and payload to put all of Israel at significant risk.
  • The Israeli government executed an unannounced nationwide emergency drill to simulate a number of simultaneous major emergencies around the country. The drill caused unprecedented traffic jams.
  • Russia announced that it would bring Iran’s Busheur nuclear reactor online in August. Because weapons-grade plutonium can be extracted from such a reactor, this puts Iran one step closer to The Bomb.
  • Hillary Clinton just made a speech in which she once more placed the responsibility for the peace process on Israel’s shoulders. This tired drumbeat is just the latest signal that the Obama administration is no friend to Israel. When it comes to earthly allies, Israel now stands alone.

It’s impossible to say what the above info-tidbits mean with regard to the prophetic outlook, but it’s interesting that so much seems to be going on with regard to the Holy Land. Is Israel about to attack targets in Lebanon because of the Scuds? Or is she getting ready to move against Iran’s nuclear facilities. I believe both are distinct possibilities for the not-distant future. We all need to keep our antennae up.

On the lighter side, Israel has banned the new Apple iPad because its WiFi signal is stronger than Israeli standards allow.

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