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Is the Spirit Speaking?

I, like many prophecy followers, had for years believed that Ezekiel 38-39’s War of Gog and Magog was the next major event on the prophetic timeline. (Hint: There’s a reason for the title of this blog. :)) For me that changed a few weeks ago as a result of discussion with other prophecy followers, followed up by my own study and research. In the post When You’re Wrong, You’re Wrong, I posited that Psalm 83, not Ezekiel, described the next event. I then followed that up with another post called Three In One, in which I theorized that Psalm 83, Obadiah, and Isaiah 17 might all be separate elements of a single prophecy.

To be clear:  It is my fervent hope that anything I discover/interpret/understand with regard to prophecy, be under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. With that said, I’m wondering if the Spirit is speaking to others on this exact topic. I’m a big fan of Chuck Missler (www.khouse.org) and his research, having followed him for years. I regularly purchase and download his Briefing Packs, which teach on a variety of prophetic and other interesting biblical topics. Yesterday I received an e-mail from kHouse about a brand new session available for download, a session entitled The Magog Invasion:  An Alternate View. I purchased, downloaded, and listened to the entire session right away, and I was intrigued by the fact that Dr. Missler’s alternate theory is very similar to Three In One. I highly recommend his session, which is filled with his typically thorough exegetical research, and which is a far deeper look into this issue than I offered in this blog.

A new session from Chuck Missler

I believe the Spirit may indeed be speaking to people on this topic. When the Spirit speaks, it always behooves us to listen, but I believe it’s more imperative than ever to have our spiritual antennae extended right now. After all, Christ Himself told us to watch for the signs. And if you don’t know Christ, please correct that. He is the only path to eternal salvation. The ONLY path, and the opportunity to choose that path grows shorter by the minute.

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