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Darkness Descending

First, credit for the phrase “darkness descending” goes to Joel C. Rosenberg. He used it tonight in his opening comments at the 2012 Epicenter Conference. It so perfectly fit what I’ve been feeling lately that I felt compelled to borrow it. For me, there’s an almost palpable sense of spiritual darkness descending not only on the Middle East, but also the U.S., a feeling that the endtime clock is accelerating by the day. Does anyone else feel this?

Much has happened on the prophetic front since my last post. (Two years, yikes! Sorry!) More detail later, but the ramifications of the “Arab Spring” come immediately to mind, as does the looming prospect of an Israeli strike on Iran. Obama’s surreal behavior with regard to Israel, Iran, and Islam in general is also a topic I hope to explore in more detail over the coming days.

The main thing I wanted to get out right now:  Time is short. Don’t wait. Be absolutely certain you have accepted salvation through Christ. Do it now. There is nothing more important. It is categorically impossible for anything to be more important. I’ve often thought about how we spend forty to fifty years in preparation for a few years of Earthly retirement. Nothing wrong with that, of course, but what is wrong is the fact that hundreds of millions of lost people would spend so much time and energy on so little, while barely passing a thought about their eternal fate.

Eternity. Think about it. Remember a time in your life when you were in terrible pain. For me, I’m remembering a couple bouts with kidney stones, remembering how excruciating the pain was as I literally writhed on the floor in vain search of relief for just a few seconds. The hours it took for me to make it to a doctor, get diagnosed, and get relief felt like they would never end . Choose your memory. Now imagine that you’re in pain like that all day. No doctor to help, no nurses around, just you and the pain. Pretty rough imagining, huh? What if it went on 24/7 for a week, a month, a year, a century? The thought of it terrifies me. And we haven’t even gotten around to imagining the worst part of it, the fact that there is no hope. None. There is no hope of the misery ending in a day or a year or a hundred years. Help is never going to come, period. After suffering through abject misery for a thousand years, you will know that you are not one millisecond closer to the end of it, because it’s an end that will never come. It’s just you and the misery. Forever.

Don’t believe in hell? Jesus did, talked quite a bit about the place of weeping and gnashing of teeth. Are you willing to bet your never-ending soul on it? Please don’t. I do believe a darkness is descending. Not only descending, but accelerating. Don’t get trapped in it. The alternative to never-ending darkness is the polar extreme, unbridled happiness and satisfaction forever. It’s free to you. All you have to do is believe and accept. Do it now. Right now.

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